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LINKED HERE is the Statement of Financial Position report for May 2018.  Remember: page 1 is a summary of three reports; pages 2-4 is the CCIO Regional Office report; pages 5-7 is the Camp Christian report; and pages 8-9 is the THRIVE (Lilly Grant) report—the funds reported in the THRIVE report we will hold as custodian until January 2019.

LINKED HERE is the 9-page copy of the April 2018 Statement of Financial Position.

A few notes:

  1. As in the report for each month, there are four sections: page 1 is a summary of the three reports that follow—Regional Office, Camp Christian and THRIVE.
  2. Pages 2-4 is the Regional Office report.
  3. Pages 5-7 is the Camp Christian report.  Please note on page 7, the first line item under Income is Summer Fees.  The income from paid summer will be reported on the June 2018 Statement of Financial Position, since that is when the camps those fees pay for begin. 
  4. Pages 8-9 is the THRIVE Program. Our Withdrawal Proposal has now been approved by the Lilly Foundation.  However, we will continue to be custodians of the grant money from Lilly Endowment until the end of the grant year and final report as of January 2019.

Click Here for the Minutes of the Regional Church Council
Meeting on April 21, 2018

Click the links below for the Documents & Reports 
referenced in the 4-21-18 Regional Church Council Minutes:

Minutes - Regional Church
October 28th

Minutes - Executive
January 9th

Minutes - Regional Church
January 18th

Minutes - Regional Church
February 15th

Regional Church Financial
,  March 2018

Dashboard View
CCIO Finances

Interim Regional Minister's
 & General
Board Report

Regional Moderator
General Board

Ministry Reports
to the Region

Regional Update from the Moderator
Posted February 16, 2018  

Full Statement of Financial Position
Posted January 31, 2018 

Click here for the Minutes from the
October 28, 2017 Regional Church Council Meeting

Click the links below for the Documents & Reports
referenced in the 10-28-17 Minutes:

Report from Interim
Regional Minister
Rev. John Richardson

Report from Regional
Associate Minister
Rev. Stephen Bentley

Report from THRIVE
Project Director
Rev. Dr. Janet Mers

Camp Christian
Report From Camp
Superintendent Al Channell

Committee Report

Vision Team

Committee Report

Financial Reports

2018 Budget

Special Investigative
Task Force Report
Proposed Commission
on Ministry Policy
New Commission
on Ministry Members
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