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We have separated out the financial documents, messages, and information to this CCIO Financial page for hopefully easier viewing and navigating.

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2020 CCIO Budget Documents

2020 Narrative Budget

2020 Regional Budget

2020 Camp Christian Budget


Linked above are the 2020 budgets for both Camp Christian and the Region, as well as a Narrative Budget. I’m pleased to present a balanced budget that is cautiously optimistic. If we are to deliver this budget we will need to ensure that camp registrations DO NOT decline further. We feel this is achievable but we will need your support.

We have also projected early receipts from a Keep the Fire Burning 2.0 Campaign to launch in 2020 that will seek to help fund not only Camp Christian operations and summer programs but other ministries as well.

We anticipate several large expenditures over the next 12 months related to Camp Christian maintenance. Our budget anticipates many of these expenditures but, again, relies on camp registrations and some additional fundraising.

We appreciate your continued support for your Region and Camp Christian. We have made great progress over the past year, thanks in no small part due to the efforts of our very talented and committed staff (Jennie, Ted and Wendy, plus our summer Ministry Associates). Thanks to you too, for hanging with us as we rebuild our Region’s ministries.

God’s blessings to each of you. Know that during this Thanksgiving season we count you among our blessings.

Gladys Davis, CPA (inactive)


Guide to the 
Financial Reports

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List of Restricted Funds

Regional and Camp Christian Financial Statements
Below are linked the Financial Statements prepared for us by the
Staff at Treasury Services in Indianapolis.

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 A note on the January 2019 statements:

We are slowly and steadily digging ourselves out of our financial hole!  A few items to note in this month’s financials:

  • You’ll see on page 1 the Mortgage balance is listed as $12,924 as of 1/31/2019.  Treasury Services has shared an update and it is $7,590 as of 2/28/19.  That’s tremendous progress! Thanks to everyone who has made additional contributions to reduce the mortgage balance.  We are almost there.
  • On page 3 you’ll see our Operating Fund is still $116,000 in the hole, but we continue to close the gap.  The remainder of page 3 lists the “checkbook” balances of each of our programs.
  • On pages 5 and page 8, you’ll see the budget reports for the Regional Office, and Camp Christian respectively.  We are running favorable vs budget for both.
  • On page 7 you’ll see that we have spent $2,600 of the $12,461 allocated to fill in and repurpose area formerly containing the deep pool.  The pool is partially filled in, and we are working on finishing that part of the project shortly, with hopes of topping it off with a sand-volleyball court before summer camp season begins.

Thanks to each of you for your continued support of the Region during this difficult period.


2019 Budgets


Approved Regional Budget

Approved Camp Christian Budget



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A note on the July 2018 statements:

Page 1 summarizes all three sections of the report, so it really looks good.  But remember it contains an investment for THRIVE that we will pay back to The Lilly Foundation in January.  Page 1 also lists other investments, and our fixed assets, such as land, buildings and vehicles.  So the $2.6 million balance at the bottom of page 1 represents a lot of value, but not much available cash.

Pages 2-4 is a report on the Regional Office, or regional operations.  Pages 5-7 is a report on Camp Christian.  And, pages 8-9 is a report on the money we are holding for THRIVE to pay back to The Lilly Foundation in January 2019.


A note on the December 2018 statements:

Linked here (below) are the December 2018 preliminary financial statement. These are current under review by the RCC, staff and subject to any adjustments required by audits. You will note that we are getting closer to paying off the mortgage. Any contributions received towards the mortgage received after the mortgage is paid off will be applied to the Keep the Bell Ringing campaign, unless otherwise designated by the donor.  Additionally, the THRIVE grant will be returned to the Lilly Foundation in January. Thank you for your continued generosity in support of the Christian Church in Ohio. 



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