Pastoral Letter

By Rev. John Richardson - Friday August 18, 2017

Dear Ohio Disciples, Our deep national wound of racism has been torn open once again. This time in Charlottesville, Virginia. Charlottesville and the University of Virginia are beautiful. But on August 12 and 13 the beauty was torn by hatred, bigotry, violence, pain and death. Once again a city, and a university campus, were deeply scarred, as is our nation....

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Reflections on the Summer at Camp Christian 2017

By Rev. Stephen Bentley - Wednesday August 9, 2017

Today, I am once again sitting on the front porch of the Block House at Camp Christian but with a completely different feeling. The camp is once again quiet. The rush of registrations now behind us. The camp is empty like it was in May, but the feeling is very different. In May the feeling in the emptiness was excitement in the people who would visit during the summer, the relationships/friendships ready to begin, a staff readying itself for all the adventures the summer would bring, and the stories waiting to be told.

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2017 General Assembly Reflections

By Rev. John Richardson - Wednesday July 26, 2017

Like many other events that are out of the ordinary Sunday through Saturday routine, our recent General Assembly is quickly fading into the blur of the ordinary. However, it was far from ordinary, even for our long history of General Assemblies (until 1968 called the International Convention). I am one who experiences Assemblies from a big picture point of view. I might make constructive criticism, if requested, but I’m rarely very critical. I know the tasks to plan and execute an Assembly is monumental. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend each General Assembly since 1985 in Des Moines. And, by the grace of God, I plan to attend the 2019 General Assembly in Des Moines.

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Greetings from Rev. Richardson

By Rev. John Richardson - Monday June 26, 2017

Greetings! Today I begin serving as your Interim Regional Minister. It is a day I have been thinking about for some three months, and anticipating for the past few weeks, since receiving the call from the Regional Church Council to serve in this position. I am glad to be here.

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Thanks for a few fish and a little bread

By Pam Auble - Friday June 23, 2017

I attended Sunday School nearly every Sunday of my growing years and so I figure I’ve heard or read the story of Jesus feeding the thousands about a thousand times. Sometime in my adult years I began to wonder if Jesus actually transformed food for one boy’s family into a feast for five thousand. Sometime later I wondered if it mattered. Either way, Jesus gave thanks for what He had to share and God saw to it that everyone had enough. Could it be that the act of giving thanks for what we have will ensure that we have enough?

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Heat Wave

By Rev. Mary Jo Bray - Monday June 5, 2017

Heat waves are a fact of summer in Ohio. When one hits, people are turned into a pile of mush, the heat and humidity melting us like a snow person in March. Even my dogs are affected. I open the door to let them out, and they turn back to me as if to say, “Are you serious? You want me to go out there?”

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Morning Jewels

By Stephen Bentley - Monday May 8, 2017

I am sitting and watching the morning sunrise after a rainy evening. Grass and trees are drenched of water. As the sun rises each drop picks up the light of the bright orange globe and reflects it to the world around.

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