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“Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves . . .Camp Fall Image
and rest a while.”

Fall Silent Retreat
Camp Christian
November 13-17, 2017

Jesus called his frazzled disciples to “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while” (Mark 6:31), and he issues the same call to all of us today as well. Our day-to-day lives can take on the character of rushing here and there as our multi-tasking minds take on so many bits of information that we find ourselves overburdened and exhausted. Do you see yourself described here?

The Spiritual Life Committee of the Ohio Region issues an invitation on behalf of Christ Jesus to ALL who are weary and jangled, to all who seem to have lost connection to the Source, to all who are in need of quiet time to come away by yourselves and rest awhile.


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Due to the complex and sensitive nature of the ongoing work of the investigative committees and to allow adequate time for the forensic audit of the region to be completed, we are postponing the Healing Retreat that was scheduled for September.  We will give you rescheduling information when that is determined.  Thank you for your patience.

Rev. Philip H. Hunt,
Spiritual Life Committee  


Dr. Hamm will still be the Keynote Speaker for the Men’s Retreat happening that weekend.  Men interested in hearing Dr. Hamm's message are encouraged to attend this retreat at Camp Christian Sept 15-17. More information about that can be found at:


Also, if you already made a donation towards lunch or to offset costs of this event, we are happy to do any of the following options: 

      1. Issue a full refund of your donation
      2. Hold on to the donation until the rescheduled event and apply it as intended
      3. Re-designate your donation to any ministry or fund of your choosing 

Please let us know which of these options you would prefer and we will take care of it right away.  If you made a donation, but we do not hear back from you, we will proceed with the second option, “Hold on to the donation until the rescheduled event and apply it as intended.”

Thank you again for your understanding as the Christian Church in Ohio continues a process of self-examination and organizational discernment. Your patience, support, and prayers for continued regional growth and stability are appreciated.


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Spouses and Retired Ministers are also invited to attend. 


     Philip Gulley is a Quaker pastor, writer, and speaker from Danville, Indiana.  Gulley has written 21 books, including the Harmony series recounting life in the eccentric Quaker community of Harmony, Indiana and the best-selling Porch Talk essay series. Gulley’s memoir, "I Love You, Miss Huddleston: And Other Inappropriate Longings of My Indiana Childhood," was a finalist for the Thurber Prize for American Humor. In addition, Gulley, with co-author James Mulholland, shared their progressive spirituality in the books "If Grace Is True" and "If God Is Love," followed by Gulley’s books "If the Church Were Christian" and "The Evolution of Faith."

     In his most recently published work of non-fiction, "Living the Quaker Way: Timeless Wisdom For a Better Life Today," Gulley offers the opportunity to participate in a world where the values of the Quaker way bring equity, peace, healing, and hope.  "Living the Quaker Way" invites readers to encounter the defining commitments of the Religious Society of Friends -simplicity, peace, integrity, community and equality, and shows how those ideals can be incorporated in personal and public life to bring renewal and eliminate the clutter that is keeping us from deeper spirituality.

     Gulley’s latest fictional series continues the exploits of Sam Gardner, first introduced in the Harmony series.  The new Hope series includes "A Place Called Hope," "A Lesson in Hope," and "A Gathering in Hope," his most recent fictional release.

     Gulley is currently working on his 22nd book entitled "Unlearning God," in which he describes the process of spiritual growth, especially the re-interpretation of the earliest principles we learned about God.

     You can also read Gulley’s essays in every issue of Indianapolis Monthly and The Saturday Evening Post

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The Regional Spiritual Life Ministry meets at least once a year in person to plan for Retreats at Camp Christian and to discuss possible new ministries for the Spiritual Life of Ohio. We also meet at the Minister's Retreat in February and have had some phone conference calls.

We feel we are expanding the programs at camp for creating community and giving new opportunity for ministers and laity to deepen their

Christian Spirituality. We hope and pray that God will bring in all of this, Transformation of body, mind and spirit. It is an effort to reach out beyond those we have been able to touch through the Ministers' Retreat to include other ministers and the laity of the church in Ohio and beyond.



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