Advent - December 20th

By Rev. Dr. CJ Koen - Monday December 20, 2021

Monday, December 20th

The Love of God Revealed

CJ KoenIn this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through Him. 1John 4:9 (NKJV)

The heart of God is revealed to us in a Spirit of Love. He has shown His love for humanity in numerous ways, however the incarnation of His Dearly Beloved Son in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the most brilliant and significant demonstration of God's love for humanity. The love of God is not only seen through the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made upon the cross, but is also shown to us in the Father, Who sent The Son of His Love as a Lamb of God taking away the sin of the world.

God manifests with grandeur of love, His gift to a cursed and condemned world, at the appointed time, when He sent his only Begotten Son into the world to be a substitute for our sin, his death paying the price for sin, so that all who believe on Him will never perish but live eternally through Him.

The gift of God's Savior-Son expresses the depths of God's love, and we are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. We are made a new creation in Christ through His Spirit living in us. Like a mosaic, we have become members of His mystical body simply by having faith in Him and the Spirit of God that indwells us and we are granted abundant grace to live in the newness of life.

It is only through the bestowal of Christ's life in us, given to us at salvation, that we can experience the abundant and eternal life. It is the newly-born-again-life of Christ's that empowers us to say, "it is not I that lives but Christ that lives in me."  It is only through the death of this perfect man that the power of death has forever been broken, and eternal life is given to all those who believe in the Only Begotten and Dearly Beloved Son of God.

It is because of the grandeur of the love of God that we have been purchased back from the slavery of sin, declared judicially righteous in the eyes of God, rescued from condemnation, condemnation that we justly deserve, but are made the children of God and share the inheritance of Jesus Christ. This is not because of any good deed we have done, but because of the remarkable goodness of God.

And this is how God's love was confirmed to us, God sent His Unique Son into the world that we will live through Him, not only in this world but in the endless future. May we never esteem lightly the love that God has for us.


Rev. Dr. CJ Koen Th.D
Northside Christian Church


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