Advent - December 8th

By In Memory of Rev. Dixie French - Wednesday December 8, 2021

Wednesday, December 8th


Please read Isaiah 6:1-13

Will we be among the lucky ones who actually see the Christchild this Christmas?

Isaiah was like us—a man of unclean lips living among others just like us—and yet he saw the King, the Lord of Hosts.

That gives us hope as we approach another Christmas season.  Even the most blind among us can hope to somehow come into the presence of the most high as we eagerly await the Christ event.  Just as Isaiah received a miracle of forgiveness and commission, so can we be touched by god’s grace and mercy through our faithful anticipation.  It will be only through our intentional expectation that our eyes will be opened and our hearts attuned to the divine intervention of God into History.

We’re blinded by what we already know will happen.  The excitement is gone. Our annual trip to the manger doesn’t fill us with the awe as it once did.

But Isaiah has a new word for us.  He doesn’t say “Come to the manger and see”, he says “I have heard a call from the Lord and I answered”.

Will we hear that call amidst all the trappings of cattle stalls, swaddling clothes, and bowing shepherds?

Yes, we wait, but we wait already in the presence of our Lord who has come and who is to come.

Lord of Hosts, may we hear your call to us today in the midst of the angel songs as well as in the commercial noises of the season.  In the name of He who comes,

In memory of Rev. Dixie French, who wrote this devotion in 2008.



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