Lent - March 18, 2021

By Silent Centering Prayer - Thursday March 18, 2021

Silent Centering Prayer


In silence, we come to know God.


Today for the devotion, we would like you to take a few moments out of your day for Silent Centering Prayer.


  1. Choose a word or two that represents to you letting God into your heart during this time of silent reflection. It can simply be the word Silence, or words like Amen, Peace & Love, or Be Still.

  2. Take a seat and get comfortable. Silently and clearly introduce the word into your thoughts.

  3. Repeat the word with sincerity, letting it fall down into the stillness of your body. Breathe. Silently repeat the word again.

  4. When you notice yourself drifting off into other thoughts, gently reintroduce the word.

  5. Conclude by resting in the silence of the body for a few minutes. Before getting up say a closing prayer of thanksgiving.



We hope that a few moments of silent reflection during your day is a blessing to you this Lenten season.


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