Tom Bowerman-Jett Called To Settled Campsite Manager Position

By Camp Christian - Thursday October 7, 2021

We are so excited to announce to you, after a search process led by our Personnel Committee, we have formally hired our *settled* Camp Christian Campsite Manager Tom Bowerman-Jett!!  Tom previously was called as our Interim Campsite Manager, but as of September 1st he was called to the full-time settled position.  Many of you got to know Tom and witness his gifts this summer, whether it was when you volunteered to help with maintenance and upkeep or when you visited camp for one of our summer camp programs.  As one volunteer said at our June Work Day, “Tom has the heart of a shepherd and the mind of a technician.”  This is so true!


Tom Bowerman-Jett Oct 21Here is a message from Tom:

“Greetings Ohio Region! My name is Tom Bowerman-Jett and I am from Bellefontaine, Ohio, though I grew up in a small town north of Lima called Gomer. When I was a child, I loved to take old electronics and appliances apart to understand how they work. I also enjoyed learning to build completely new things from the parts left over (or repair what was ailing them in the first place!) For the last seventeen years I had been a project foreman at a manufacturing facility where I built and programmed CNC production lines for many different automakers, from V8 engine blocks to cutting-edge E-mobility components--with a few aerospace and motorcycle/lawnmower engine production lines thrown in the mix. As of April 2021, I was placed as the Interim Campsite Manager and had already began working around camp weeks before the hire date on a voluntary basis to smooth the transition. I also have been the facilities team chair the last few years at First Christian in Bellefontaine.

It has been an honor being the interim campsite manager over the past summer as I “learned the ropes” around Camp Christian. Many new relationships were formed and many details were learned. I look forward to many more years as the full-time campsite manager!

If you have any interest in coming to camp to assist in the upkeep and maintenance, please reach out to me at tbowerman-jett@ccinoh.org.

Many Blessings to you!

- Tom Bowerman-Jett”


We are thrilled to once again welcome Tom to our Christian Church in Ohio family and hope you will join us in extending that welcome to him!

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