Lent Week Five: Jesus the Messiah

By Rev. Tyler Andrew Thompson - Sunday April 3, 2022

For the season of Lent this year, we will be following along with the Disciples Home Missions (DHM) Lenten Resource.  The complete booklet and previous DHM resources can be downloaded at https://www.discipleshomemissions.org/congregations/faith-formationchristian-education/resources/lent/

Below is the meditation and reflection questions for week five.


Lent Week Five: Jesus the Messiah

April 2nd - 9th

“Give the winds a mighty voice, Jesus saves, Jesus saves; let the nations now rejoice, Jesus saves, Jesus saves; shout salvation full and free, highest hills and deepest caves, this our song of victory, Jesus saves, Jesus saves.” -We Have Heard A Joyful Sound

The Messianic Hope, that salvation would be shouted full and free, a song sung of victory, that all of creation, even the stones would sing out. That has been, and is, the hope. And the question of this deepest longing… “What is Messiah saving us from?”

The long-held messianic hope held with it the expectation as to how “the anointed one” might come to save the Jewish peoples. Ruled under Roman occupation, many Jews expected the Messiah to be a military authority who would drive out by force the unjust, oppressive Roman regime and system. To be saved, to shout salvation full and free. A Messiah, “the anointed one,” a song of victory from the principalities and powers of the world. Messiah saves, restores, and redeems.

The hope of being saved. But the question has been, Messiah saves from what? What sort of salvation promised by Messiah would be reason to shout? What would call for the rejoicing of the nations?

While I have yet to discover a place in the Scriptures where Jesus calls himself Messiah, perhaps it is his quoting Isaiah 61 in Luke 4:18-19 that has us proclaiming that the Messianic hope has been fulfilled in the person of Jesus. Jesus, the embodiment of this Hope, proclaims what hope looks like that causes saving’s shouts.

Anointed, Jesus comes in humility, which is not to say he lacks power or is weak. He is liberator, not merely setting the captive fee, giving sight, giving the poor good news, but ushers in a new age, a new realm, a new way of being. His way is personal and public. His proclamation of a way of shalom.

Jesus, anointed to save… Messiah… saves from death beyond the grave and before. His is a liberation not only from the pain that injustice and oppression causes, but liberates and saves by snuffing out the death-dealing ways of the world.

Messiah. He feeds the hungry AND works through us to dismantle the systems that keep stomachs aching. Messiah. He sets the captive free AND works through us to confront and dismantle systems in which stockholders’ pocketbooks are made fat through the private prison industrial complex. Messiah. He restores sight AND exposes the lies that keep us blind to Truth. Jesus. Messiah. Anointed. Ushering in a way of life, guided by values that God might recognize as God’s own, not only so that weeping and crying and pain and death may cease, but so that all injustice that induces weeping and crying and pain and death may cease.


Author: Rev. Tyler Andrew Thompson
Zionsville Christian Church, Zionsville, IN



Week Five: Reflections

  1. What is your expectation of salvation?

  2. What about Jesus makes you rejoice? 

  3. How does hope appear in the life of Jesus? 

  4. Jesus restores sight. Where might you have blindness? How has Jesus affected your sight?




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