Regional Assembly - Outreach at Home

Because faith calls us to service through action, our Regional Assemblies typically include onsite opportunities for Mission and Outreach projects. Since our Assembly is Virtual we cannot do these projects and offerings in person, but there are still ways to faithfully do outreach at home!

Below are a few current 'Outreach At Home' opportunities we hope that you will prayerfully consider not only during the Virtual Regional Assembly but over the next few weeks and months.

Whether it is making kits for Church World Service, collecting food and Christmas gift items for the Free Store at Camp Christian, supporting and spreading the word about the Reconciliation Special Offering, or making monetary donations, we encourage you to use this time of Virtual Assembly to serve others through our shared love in Christ.

The Free Store at Camp Christian

The Free Store at Camp Christian has distributed over 300 pantry boxes to our neighbors during this Covid-19 quarantine.  We have also been filling blessing boxes around town for people to access needed food items.  Additionally, we will deliver our turkey pot pies and dessert pies this Thanksgiving, along with pantry boxes.  We will also be packing Christmas bags for kids and delivering pantry boxes around Christmas time.  If you would like to assist in any of these efforts, please contact me (Wendy) at 614-832-9679.

Hard to believe we are gearing up for Christmas already.  But I know I'm ready to spread some love and joy around.  I hope you consider joining me.  I've created a Sign-up genius (link below) for groups and individuals to use  to collect items.  There is a goal number of items.  If you sign up for a group item, it is my hope you will individually organize a drive for that item.  For example I have selected sports balls.  I will get these and ask others to donate these items specifically hoping to reach my goal of 75.  If you would rather donate an individual item, you can sign up to be a "wish angel", where I will contact you at the end of November with a specific needed item.


Thank you for you support!
Wendy Taylor

Reconciliation Offering

Reconciliation Special Offering

The Rocks Are Crying Out: Show Up; Speak Up; Stand Up

Your gifts to Reconciliation Ministry allow your communities and your congregations to ensure the human dignity of every child, to ensure all have access to Christ’s abundance, to fully flourish in education, and financial stability, and friendships across God’s human diversity. Won’t you join the chorus in shouting out Hosana, Hosana blessed are we who come in the name of the Lord. Thank you for your generosity.

For more information about the Reconciliation Ministry, including resources, go to: 


Church World Service

CWS 2020 ImageIn response to the wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, and other urgent needs, including here in Ohio, Church World Service (CWS) has shipped out thousands of CWS Hygiene Kits, Emergency Cleanup Buckets and Blankets already this year, and we know the calls will continue in the coming days and weeks. And as response shifts to recovery, CWS will continue to support communities in the long-term.

When you donate, you will be part of this vital relief effort. You will ship precious supplies to affected communities. You will help our partners on the front lines to reach those who may otherwise be forgotten in the response.



Week of Compassion

WOC Aug 20

A global pandemic means that people are in need close to home and around the world. Disciples want to know how to help.

Week of Compassion has been working with partners to help those in need, through responses primarily focused on food security. Read more about Week of Compassion's comprehensive COVID-19 Response.

Through Week of Compassion, your congregation can support these local and global ministries that are meeting needs and changing lives. We invite you to "Grow Your Compassion," using these resources in whatever way works best for your context as your congregation promotes COVID-19 relief. The gifts that your church shares through this response will extend your mission capacity far beyond the church building, and even beyond your local community. 




And as always, you can make donations to any of the ministries and funds of the Christian Church in Ohio and Camp Christian such as the Renewal Initiative, Youth Scholarships, the Camp Christian Endowment Fund, Pastoral Relief, and more on our online donation page or mailing your contribution to 10335 Maple Dell Rd., Marysville, OH 43040.

Thank you for your generosity!!


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